School fetes and fairs made easy Pt 2

P&Cs and Event Managers are faced with hundreds of decisions in the planning stage. Let us help you! The top 3 tips for this blog: 1. Who should supervise rides? 2. To profit share or not to profit share? and 3. The weather!

Choosing the right people includes whether to involve volunteers, teachers, committee members &/or parents to supervise the rides. Or should you pay for contracted staff provided by the Amusement provider? The short answer is if you can afford to pay for professional staff this is the best scenario. They are insured Blue Card holders who are both experienced and reliable. Our staff are all in easily identifiable uniform, more likely to act quicker and confidently in an emergency situation & will remain on duty for the duration of the event.

Volunteers do an amazing job but occasionally they don't show up, disappear mid shift or become apathetic because they give up on trying to maintain law and order. Supervising is not always easy and our hats off to the majority of helpers who do a wonderful job.  To minimise costs Pumped Up Fun can offer a shared supervision option with some of the easiest, low risk amusements and we provide training and written instructions to those assisting. 

Profit sharing is one way of reducing up front costs with a supplier and can seem tempting. But it is not always the best choice. Aside from the need to count takings, balance books and pay out on the night the bigger picture is all about risk. In our experience when a booking is paid for in advance the staff are locked in well in advance, the amusements are reserved and a greater investment in time is made for site inspections and cross-promotions. On a few occasions we have been approached at the 11th hour to assist because the 'no up-front fee' supplier the School or Club had booked had cancelled on them. Either the weather concerned them and they didn't want the risk of losing money through poor turnout or they may have received a paid booking on the same day. 

Speaking of weather it's a big factor for Event organisers - especially in SEQ. It can make or break the success of a fundraiser and it can create havoc and added risk for outdoor events. Very few amusements do not require electricity, even if run from a gennie, no matter if they are mechanical or inflatable.  The mix of water and electricity is obvious so if the forecast is for thunderstorms, heavy rain or strong, gusty winds you will need a plan B.

There are some measures that can be taken including a) moving undercover or indoors b) postponing the event or c) embracing nature and choosing amusements less likely to be shutdown during showers and implementing other risk reduction strategies.  Assistance with these is all part of our service.

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