School fetes and fairs made easy Pt 1

It always helps to involve people 'in the know' and gather info just like this. The top 3 tips for this blog are 1. The right amusements  2. Self-sufficient power and 3. Compliance.

In our experience, having a selection of amusements to perfectly suit the audience expected is key. Minimise the number of suppliers to 1 or 2 to keep bump-in and out hassle free and reduce administration. Choose a supplier that has a wide range of options.

If you're a Primary School naturally you will select amusements that cater for a young age group, but consider including ones which can also accommodate older children - even adults.  Sometimes it makes all the difference if Mum or Dad can go on too for very young toddlers or special needs children.

Getting the whole family to attend enables you to sell Family tickets and maximise food stall sales. You will need to ensure there are all age amusements in your package. For example you may wish to consider an obstacle course, human hamster balls (zorbs), dartball, a human flywall, &/or an adult jumping castle.  Including the whole family also helps to create fun memories and strengthen bonds. 

To avoid the potential problems of power outage or tripping, the sufficient number and distance of powerpoints and leads running along the ground ensure you request for your supplier to be self-sufficient. A large generator (eg 20KVA) and a multi-point distribution board will eliminate all of these worries.  In addition, trip matting, safety barriers &/or event fence can ensure your event is not only safe but compliant.

Pumped up Fun have all of the required compliance documentation, equipment and procedures to fulfil the requirements of the Dept of Education and Worksafe. Coupled with Blue Card, trained staff, an on-site Amusement Manager to trouble-shoot and $20 million in public liability cover you can have the peace of mind of holding a safe, successful and fun event. 

Contact today or visit for info and advice in planning this year's Fete.


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