Products for 11yrs+

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Obstacle course

A colourful and challenging course for adults, teens and children over 4yrs.
FROM $400.00

Adults and Teens Jumping Castle

Ideal for the big kid in us all. Parents can accompany toddlers or help children with special needs. Or the adults or teens can have a castle to themselves!
FROM $250.00

Basketball Bungee Run

Ideal for adults or teens. Twin lane challenge to score a goal whilst being held back by a bungee cord. Hilarious and a great workout!
FROM $350.00

Human Sticky Wall

Hilarious and crazy amusement to suit adults, teens & pre-teens. Become a Human Fly as you launch yourself onto a velcro wall whilst wearing a velcro suit.
FROM $350.00

Inflatable Boxing Ring

Safe, novel way to duel a workmate, sibling or friend. Oversized gloves and padded headgear included. Are you ready to rumble?
FROM $300.00

Bubble soccer / Bumper balls

The latest craze for teenagers and adults. Enjoy a hilarious game of bubble soccer with an oversized ball or simply run, bounce and topple with your friends.
FROM $490.00