Playing it Safe at home

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!”, my Mother used to say. She’s right of course. Planning and hosting a party can be so exciting that we fall into the trap of forgetting a few basics. Here’s 4 gems to ensure a happy, stress-free event without any tears from avoidable injuries..

  1. Inflatable fun comes in all shapes & sizes these days and it’s one of the best ways to keep children safe whilst they play. But avoid cheap non-commercial products; book a professional amusement hire Company like Pumped Up Fun.
  2. Even if the party is at home, consider booking a Blue card accredited supervisor to manage the kids. Firstly it allows you & the other parents to relax & enjoy yourselves. Secondly it provides peace of mind that an emergency situation will be managed quickly & effectively. And thirdly, no-one needs to feel like the Fun Police. Our Supervisor will manage how many, how long, how big and how well the children behave in a friendly, yet assertive way. 
  3. Insurance is mandatory as a safety net. All reputable inflatable fun providers should have a minimum of $20million in PLI.
  4. Don’t settle for less when it comes to safety equipment and procedures. We provide you with a written risk assessment so you’re aware of the hazards and how we’ve managed them to ensure your little ones are in safe hands. Blowers should be cordoned off, safety switches fitted, safety mats used at entry/exit points and leads tagged and covered.

Knowing the basics of playing it safe will ensure you choose a reliable and professional supplier, who will not cut corners when looking after your precious children.

Ensure your next party is memorable for all the right reasons!

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