Is my venue suitable for a jumping castle?

Here is a quick step-by-step way to determine if your backyard or property is suitable for a jumping castle. Don't get the hopes up of your little one or waste your time scrolling through pages of jumping castle designs if you're not certain of this first. 

1. Identify the area where you'd like the inflatable to be positioned (it needs to be relatively flat) and work out which way you'd like it to face. Draw a rough map of your site with the inflatable included.

2. Measure the area (Width, Depth and Height). Height needs to be the lowest point that is free from branches, powerlines or eaves. Write your measurements down on your map. If there are 2 different heights in the space, note this clearly. If you don't have a measuring tape, one very big step forward is approx 1m.

3. Do you have at least 6m W x 7m D x 5m H of unobstructed area? If yes, then you're ready to go shopping at The area each inflatable requires is provided in the product description and has been caluculated by adding 1-2m around the inflatable dimensions to allow for the blower/s, safety mats and access. 

4. When you contact us, we will ask you if power is available on site and if so, the approximate distance to the cloest powerpoints. (Most castles need dedicated use of 1 or 2 powerpoints each) It would be helpful to note the position of the power outlets on your map. If mains power is not available or 30m+ away we can supply a silenced generator (recommenced in preference to piggy backing multiple extension leads).

5. If you're still unsure about your site's suitability simply call 0405 541 220 or email and we can undertake a free onsite inspection or receive photos from you for a virtual site inspection.

6. Providing us with a copy of the map you drew would be very helpful when its time to book. But otherwise, just provide a description of the site, and of course the date, timing and location of your event so that availability can be confirmed and the item/s reserved for you.



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