Event Packages

Need something customised for you?

Pumped Up Fun can design a hire package to suit your location, timing and budget. We can travel throughout SEQ. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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'Wicked party' package deal

Get ready for a delightfully wicked party for teenagers or adults. Suits parties of up to 50 people for everyone to get more thrill time! Includes overnight hire of your party room!
FROM $1,500.00

'6 Rides for Grade 6s and under' Package

3 hours of bouncy, bubbly and fast fun, designed for Prep-Grade 6 aged children. Shared supervision to reduce costs.
FROM $3,300.00

'All Ages Carnival' Package deal

Perfect for events designed to attract the whole family and with committee members or volunteers available to help to keep costs down. 4 fun-filled hours of amusements with shared supervision.
FROM $2,650.00

'Family Fun Day' Package deal

4 fun-filled hours of amusements to suit participants aged 2 to adult. Fully supervised. BYO food/drinks.
FROM $3,300.00

'No Worries' Fun Day Package

Our top 5 Amusements fully supervised for 3 fun-filled hours. Completely self-sufficient power. An on-site Amusement Manager for safety compliance and on-the-spot trouble-shooting. $20M PLI. Peace of mind guaranteed!
FROM $3,250.00

'Primary Kids Pumped' Package

3 hours of pumped up fun for Prep-Grade 6 aged children with shared supervision to reduce costs. Self sufficient power.
FROM $2,700.00