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Is my venue suitable for a jumping castle?

Here is a quick step-by-step way to determine if your backyard or property is suitable for a jumping castle. Don't get the hopes up of your little one or waste your time scrolling through pages of jumping castle designs if you're not certain. 

Playing it Safe at home

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!”, my Mother used to say. She’s right of course. Planning and hosting a party can be so exciting that we fall into the trap of forgetting a few basics. Here’s 4 gems to ensure a happy, stress-free event without any tears from avoidable injuries..

School Fetes and Fairs made Easy! Part 2
School Fetes and Fairs made Easy!  Part 2

P&Cs and Event Managers are faced with hundreds of decisions in the planning stage. Let us help you! The top 3 tips for this blog: 1. Who should supervise rides? 2. To profit share or not to profit share? and 3. The weather!

School Fetes and Fairs made Easy! Part 1
School Fetes and Fairs made Easy!  Part 1

It always helps to involve people 'in the know' and gather info just like this. The top 3 tips for this blog are 1. The right amusements  2. Self-sufficient power and 3. Compliance.

Celebrate these Holidays Aussie style
Celebrate these Holidays Aussie style

It must be confusing for small children seeing images of snow and ice skating and snowmen when our Christmas' are stifling hot!

I love it when we send cards and post images that are a true reflection of how Aussies celebrate.  These holidays enjoy everything that our Blessed country provides us with... sunshine, beautiful beaches, rainforests, outdoor festivals on warm nights, fresh seafood and tropical fruit, fresh water, world-class produce and incrediable musicians and entertainers. What an incredible place we live in. 

And don't forget to create some magic (this is where we come in) by ordering a waterslide for cool, splashy fun with all the family and neighbors. Or a popcorn and snow cone machine to add a extra something special to a party. What a surprise when we turn up with a jumping castle for the day or a foam party for the most memorable night you can imagine.

We love living on the sunshine coast, providing local employment, servicing local schools and businesses and boosting the local economy.  Thank you for supporting us and our family this past year.

Wishing you an enjoyable and safe holiday season filled with love, enthusiasm and of course lots of outdoor FUN!

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