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View our large range of jumping castles options below, we service a huge footprint including Brisbane North to Bundaberg. Book online or call 0405 541 220. 

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Colourful Combo Jumping Castle

Our most popular castle. Features a jumping area, internal slide, ladder, ball hoop and soft ball. Ideal for 3-10 year old boys and girls.
FROM $250.00

3 in 1 castle / mini rock wall / slide

Ideal for little adventure seekers. This amusement combines an open air castle with a mini-rockwall and a fast slide. 3 fun activities in one!
FROM $250.00

All Ages Jumping Castle (teens and adults too)

Ideal for the big kid in us all. Parents can accompany toddlers or help children with special needs. Or the adults or teens can have a castle to themselves!
FROM $275.00

Monsters Inc classic castle

Perfect for small backyards and budgets. Suits boys and girls and features all the familiar characters from this Disney animated movie series.
FROM $170.00

It’s a Girl Thing Combo Castle

A gorgeous castle that's loads of fun too! Features a slide, ladder, ball hoop and ball. Ideal design for children with style!
FROM $225.00

Batman / Superhero Castle

Hiring this castle will make you a hero in their eyes! Plenty of jumping room and 3 large netted windows for easy viewing and airflow. Ideal for children aged 2 - 10.
FROM $195.00